11 avril 2008

Digihedo news:RCA to Ship World's First Wireless Headphone mp3 Player

"""One of the key features we can offer active consumers is the ability to 'cut the cord' by utilizing Kleer's wireless technology,"" said Dwight Sakuma, General Manager of Audio/Video for Thomson. ""Now you can exercise and enjoy your favorite music without worrying about the cords that connect your headphones to the mp3 player - a true consumer benefit we'll be promoting when the RCA Jet Stream ships later this spring. We immediately recognized Kleer as a technology that could meet our requirements, particularly in terms of audio quality, battery life, and immunity to interference."" Thomson is the owner of the RCA brand and the marketer of RCA Audio and Video products. The Kleer wireless solution will enable RCA mp3 players to provide consumers with a variety of new options not previously available in the portable audio world. For example, the RCA device can transmit to up to 4 simultaneous users, therefore allowing multiple users to listen to the same music. In contrast, Bluetooth MP3 player supports only one end user at a time. Further, the Kleer enrolment protocol is designed to be extremely user friendly, with the addition or deletion of users facilitated with the simple push of a button. - Lossless transmission of 16-bit, 44.1KHz-sampled stereo audio to deliver full CD-quality audio. Lossless transmission also enables the 'beaming' of music or other data files from one MP3 player to another. best mp3 player - 10 times the battery life of a comparable Bluetooth solution. This enables OEMs to integrate wireless technology into portable audio MP3 players without suffering a large penalty in battery life. And OEMs can introduce new small form factor products such as wireless earphones knowing that small batteries will still give them acceptable battery life. mp4 players - Best-in-class ISM band co-existence by dynamically selecting one out of 16 narrowband channels, each of which can fit in the gaps between wireless LAN channels, and ensuring that only unoccupied channels are selected.

RCA's wireless Jet Stream mp3 player, part of the new RCA Gem Line, will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in the front row of the South Hall, booth #20901. About Kleer Founded in 2002, Kleer is a fabless semiconductor company that has developed the first wireless audio technology to combine high quality audio and robust ISM band coexistence with low power consumption to address portable, home and automotive audio markets. MP3 PLAYER 2GB Kleer's Audio LP technology is ideally suited for OEMs of portable audio MP3 players, iPod® and other player accessories, home audio/theater systems, earphones, headphones, and speakers. Kleer distributes its products via direct sales in North America, and a distribution channel in Korea and Japan. The Company is headquartered in Cupertino, California with product development facilities in Ottawa, Ontario. MP3 PLAYER 4GB " "Allof MP3.com is officially gone, but the site that All of MP3 player parent MediaServices created to replace it is also down. For the last two days we have been unable to access mp3Sparks.com, essentially a twin of All of MP3 players that supposedly falls under different and now legal licensing. Is it because mp3Sparks.com is experiencing technical difficulties or is it because it too has been taken down. A look at Alexa shows that interest in MP3 players Sparks.com is very high, so high that the site's traffic has exceeded Allof MP3.com's normally high traffic. mp3 players So high that yesterday MP3 Sparks.com just missed the Internet top 1000 best MP3 players in traffic, ranking at 1,007 globally. It is quite possible that MP3 players Sparks' servers were simply overwhelmed. At this point there are no answers to why the site is down, but we will try to contact MediaServices and find out why. " .



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