11 avril 2008

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proposal from the French Ministry of Culture could hit online music and movie piracy very hard with a very big stick if it goes ahead. In addition to the existing law, introduced only last year, which made unauthorised file-sharing a criminal offence carrying a 30,000 Euro fine and up to six months in prison, the new proposals seek to kick pirates off the Internet altogether. Along with other measures such as the watermarking of digital content, the Ministry of Culture plans include the controversial concepts of monitoring and tracking the movement of those watermarked files and the people who move them. A registry would be created to log those users accused of piracy by the copyright holders, and following official investigation a three strikes and you are out system will issues two warnings and finally forced termination of the ISP contract. Unsurprisingly, the government plans have been warmly welcomed by the French media industry which is keen to implement the watermarking system. I understand that agreements have already been signed with TV channels, film makers and ISPs to this effect. For its part, the French government will set up a new agency to monitor Internet traffic and deal with the complaints process. French president Nicolas Sarkozy said of the deal "We run the risk of witnessing a genuine destruction of culture" adding "The Internet must not become a high-tech Far West, a lawless zone where outlaws can pillage works with abandon or, worse, trade in them in total impunity. Although there has been some expected backlash from consumer rights groups which suggest a digital divide will be created at exactly the same time as the government is putting more citizen services online, it seems doubtful that any determined pirate would be unable to route around the ISP blacklist. Apart from anything else, there is always the Internet café approach to connectivity after all.

What is of more concern, of course, is the potential conflict within French law. In particular the constitutional protection of innocence until proved guilty, when that decision will rest with a bureaucratic government department rather than a court of law. One open source computing pressure group in France has even gone so far as to suggest the proposals will, in effect, create a private Internet police force. That, perhaps, is an accusation too far considering that it will be an independent authority supervised by a judge that will decide if users lose their Internet access... "Allof MP3.com is officially gone, but the site that All of MP3 player parent MediaServices created to replace it is also down. For the last two days we have been unable to access mp3Sparks.com, essentially a twin of All of MP3 players that supposedly falls under different and now legal licensing. best mp3 player Is it because mp3Sparks.com is experiencing technical difficulties or is it because it too has been taken down. A look at Alexa shows that interest in MP3 players Sparks.com is very high, so high that the site's traffic has exceeded Allof MP3.com's normally high traffic. So high that yesterday MP3 Sparks.com just missed the Internet top 1000 best MP3 players in traffic, ranking at 1,007 globally. mp4 players It is quite possible that MP3 players Sparks' servers were simply overwhelmed. At this point there are no answers to why the site is down, but we will try to contact MediaServices and find out why. " "MP3PlayerBuying report: RCA has released its latest assortment of digital portables MP3 player, shifting away from the Lyra name it has used since they introduced their first new MP3 player in 1999 to models named after gem stones. We'll start with the rugged looking character on the right, the RCA Jet.
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